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    In isosceles RST what is measure of < R

    1) the measure of <T is 100

    2) the measure of < S is 40

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    Post Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:31 am
    candygal79 wrote:
    In isosceles RST, what is measure of ∠R?

    1) ∠T = 100 degrees
    2) ∠S = 40 degrees
    IMPORTANT: In an isosceles triangle there are 2 IDENTICAL angles, and 1 LONE angle.

    Target question: What is measure of ∠R?

    Statement 1: ∠T = 100 degrees
    We should recognize that ∠T CANNOT be one of the identical angles. If this were the case, we'd have two angles with measures of 100 degrees each, which would result in a triangle in which the sum of the angles is GREATER than 180 degree (which is IMPOSSIBLE)
    So, we can conclude that ∠T must be the LONE angle, which means ∠R and ∠S are the two IDENTICAL angles.
    Since the sum of the 3 angles must be 180, we can conclude that ∠R = 40, ∠S = 40, and ∠T = 100
    Since we can answer the target question with certainty, statement 1 is SUFFICIENT

    Statement 2: ∠S = 40 degrees
    Here are two possible cases to consider:
    Case a: ∠S is the LONE angle, in which case the ∠R = 70, ∠S = 40, and ∠T = 70
    Case b: ∠S is one of the IDENTICAL angles, in which case we could have ∠R = 40, ∠S = 40, and ∠T = 100
    Since we cannot answer the target question with certainty, statement 2 is NOT SUFFICIENT

    Answer = A


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