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Chances to get into LBS MiM

This topic has 1 expert reply and 1 member reply
devlikes Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
25 Mar 2015
3 messages

Chances to get into LBS MiM

Post Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:05 am
I am a South Asian fellow aiming to get enrolled in the 2016 batch of LBS MiM program. I do consider my command in English to be fairly good, still I am trying to improve in it and I'm also preparing for the TOEFL to prove my proficiency in it. But what I doubt is that my ECs and my academic performances might create a hindrance into my admission in LBS. Below is the description of my academic performances and ECs
My GMAT score:710.

1.) I am going to graduate in May, 2015. I am pursuing a degree in Bachelors of technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering. My current CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is 6.353/10. I am aware that the LBS requires an undergraduate degree equivalent to UK 2:1 or above. A UK 2:1 means 60% or above as far as I know. I would really appreciate it if you can confirm this to me whether I satisfy this criterion.

2.) I also did my summer internship from an organization which is an official business partner of VMware,IBM, and Microsoft.

3.) I recently got a job of a Technical Job Recruiter in an Indian subsidiary of a company head quartered in Somerset,New Jersey (U.S).
www(dot)linkedin(dot)com/company/rangam-consultants-inc (link to the linkedin profile of the company).
www(dot)rangam(dot)com (Company Website).
Please replace (dot) with . (they are not allowing me to post URLs as I am new here).

4.) I am not sure about what to mention in the Extra Curriculars. But these are the things that I did when I was in college.
* I've got a certification that says I'm a VMware Certified Profssional in Data Center Virtualization. (VCP 5 - DCV). I really love to learn about Virtualization.
* I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional as well .(2 MOS (Excel,Powerpoint) + 1 MTA (Networking Fundamentals)).
MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.
MTA - Microsoft Technical Associate certification.
*I'm learning to play guitar and I'm also preparing for the Trinity college music exam (grade 1) from a good instructor.
* I do administer a facebook page.
* I'm also a fitness freak.
Now here is my question :
What are my chances to get an admission into the LBS MiM (2016) if I clear the TOEFL,Trinity (grade1), gain an year of experience in the company I recently got placed and with the above mentioned academic performances and ECs ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Bryant@VeritasPrep MBA Admissions Consultant
27 May 2009
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Post Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:10 pm
Your chances are good. MiM programs are more interested in your academic history and test scores than work experience, and you appear to be well prepared on that front. Your experience will be icing on the cake. Let us know how it goes.

Bryant Michaels
MBA Admissions Consultant

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Abhyank Senior | Next Rank: 100 Posts
03 Jul 2015
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1st Nov, 2013
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Post Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:38 am
Hey devlikes,

You’re assumption that is correct for the equivalent of UK 2:1 in India. For India, the conversion is above 60% (or 6 cgpa). You can read more on this topic below:

Keep in mind that for other countries, the conversion rate varies. So check the equivalent for your specific country.

Going back to your question of what are your chances of getting into LBS, it really depends on how you put up your profile. From the information you have provided us, I can give you brief comments on my take.

Your GMAT score is good, but keep in mind that the average GMAT score for LBS is around that range. LBS has a comprehensive application form that tests you on various fronts. You can read more about the school and the admission process in the link below:

Also, if you believe you can score better on your GMAT, then answer the question on LBS application “Do you think you can do better on the GMAT? And will you take the GMAT again if we ask you to?” in a positive manner. This is a strategy used by the school to up their GMAT class averages.

Your academic curriculars seem strong, based on the training and internships you have provided. But LBS looks for well-rounded applicants with significant achievements in other areas. For example, the Trinity college music exam is one way of showing that you are serious about your other interests. Similarly participation in sports in tournaments and competitions at the university, state and national levels are an added bonus. One other thing I don’t feel your application is strongly portraying is your ability to lead, which is a core skill that LBS looks for in its applicants. Hence, try to talk about any leadership capabilities and instances where you think you might have shown it.
In addition to this, ensure that other parts of your application such as your essays, LORs, interview etc. are solid. Then, you stand a good chance of getting in.

Hope this information has been helpful. Cheers.

Abhyank Srinet
Founder at www.MiM-Essay.com

Masters in Management Application Consultants

Get consultation from MiM graduates of HEC, ESCP, ESSEC, LBS & Duke

Feel free to drop us a line, if you have any MiM related questions or want a detailed Free profile evaluation

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