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Bad score in Veritas Test

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sidchilling Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts
07 Sep 2015
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Bad score in Veritas Test

Post Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:21 am

I have my GMAT in a week and I had been studying hard for the last 3 months. I had taken the Economist score and in their 5 tests I had scored between 710 and 730. On my first GMAT prep test, I scored 750 (taken a week and a half ago).

However, today I took the Veritas free test and score 650 Sad Is the test valid because I doubt it. This really de-motivated me today.

For the last 10 days, I was planning on taking many tests - two from Veritas, one from Manhattan, one from Kaplan, one remaining GMAT prep and two from GMAT Exam Pack.

I need some advice on whether to take these non-official tests because I don't want to take bad tests and demoralise myself at this point. What should be my study plan for these last days?

I haven't worked through Verbal Review, GMAT Prep Questions. I can buy the official question pack-1 and the paper tests. Is it a good idea to stick to official sources only and for tests just give the three tests (and perhaps the paper-pen tests).

Need some validation here. What do the experts suggest? I am targeting 750+ on test day.

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Top Member

Post Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:18 pm
Hi SidChilling.

First let's start with that Veritas test, and the other tests you have used. Here's what I have seen.

Your experiences with the Economist tests and the GMAT Prep test sound pretty much in line with what I have experienced, that the Economist test runs a little lower in terms of the scores generated with it than do the official tests. So then there's the Veritas test. What I have seen is that, while the people at Veritas have gone to great lengths to create tests that match the GMAT both in terms of questions asked and in terms of the scoring algorithm used, and while many or most test takers generate with Veritas tests scores close to to what they generate when taking official tests, because in subtle ways some of the Veritas questions are not quite like those on the actual test, occasionally a person will score lower on a Veritas test than he usually does on official tests.

In general, the test prep company tests are not exactly like the official tests and it may be that part of what you are experiencing is that the differences between the Economist tests and the official tests are not throwing you off, but the differences between the Economist tests, other things you have been working on and the Veritas tests are. This is not for sure. Alternatively, you could have been tired or there could have been something else going on that figured into your generating a lower than normal score. So you might want to consider what other factors could have affected you so that you scored lower than you usually do. In any case, I don't see any reason to be demoralized by that test score.

Actually one thing that can happen is that a person can prepare using solely the tests from a test prep company and find that he is thrown off by the actual test. So it is definitely a good idea to use official tests along with test prep company tests so that you can be sure that you are preparing for the actual GMAT rather than an approximation of the GMAT.

With that in mind, I wonder whether taking seven practice tests in the last ten days makes sense. For one thing if you are really going at it, taking a practice or actual GMAT can be a pretty intense experience, one, like an exhausting physical experience, recovering from which can take time. So in taking seven tests in 10 days you may be both wearing yourself out and developing habits of not going at the test as intensely as you might otherwise.

In addition, much of the benefit of practice tests is derived from reviewing what you have done to see what you could have done differently to score higher. Further, over these last ten days, you could, for instance, become totally expert in an area of quant that you find a little challenging or figure out how to get more SC questions right.

So likely it is the case that you would be better off taking fewer than seven tests and maybe none during the two days immediately preceding the actual test.

That leaves you with eight, or at most nine, days during which to take tests. Maybe the next test you should take is the other GMAT Prep test you have. Likely you will score near where you scored on the first one, and in any case by taking that test you will get a fairly accurate picture of what the test is like and where you stand at this point. After that, probably you should mix up days with tests and days without, and so basically the three official tests would be sufficient to fill the remainder of your schedule.

Also, the other test prep company tests have their own ways that they are subtly different from the tests you have taken so far. So if you do chose to use one or more of them, be ready for the possibility of being once again surprised to the upside or the downside by any scores you so generate.

So maybe your best course of action is to use that Veritas test as a source of things to consider in terms of skills you could further develop and things you could review. Also, you could go over it question by question to see what you could have done while taking it to get more right. You could get some interesting insights from doing that. Then then after doing those things, you could go on to take the other GMAT Prep test and take things from there.

Have fun playing the GMAT game, be demoralized by nothing, and may you achieve your score goal.

Marty Murray
GMAT Coach
In Person in the New York Area and Online Worldwide

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Saya Charming Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts
28 May 2016
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Post Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:41 am
Friends..Don't worry about low marks in Practice Tests..Keep going. Taking Practice Tests helps you to increase your speed and Confidence. Keep Going.

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