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EMPOWERgmat - Co-Founder
Rich Cohen - EMPOWERgmat - Co-Founder
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Rich Cohen is a Co-Founder of EMPOWERgmat, an immersive on-demand GMAT Course System providing affordable access to the highest grade instruction for a worldwide client base. In 2013, EMPOWERgmat was brought out from a private only service and made available to the public. The EMPOWERgmat course has grown dramatically since then, training thousands of MBA and Masters hopefuls serious about beating the GMAT. The course is featured as a premier GMAT test prep provider on Beat the GMAT, Top MBA, and other highly respected venues. Prior to co-founding EMPOWERgmat, Mr. Cohen was recognized at the highest levels as an elite GMAT researcher, content creator and instructor in varied Standardized Testing fields, including the GMAT, GRE and LSAT.