Rachel Segal

ARINGO - Senior Application Consultant
Rachel Segal  Beat The Gmat

Rachel received her bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media at the University of Cincinnati where she also minored in Journalism. Throughout her undergraduate degree, Rachel worked in radio news and regularly contributed written commentary to both the university newspaper and television news channel.

Before continuing with a master’s degree in Middle East History, she first headed to Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked at CNN. There, she wrote for CNN International’s weekly Inside Asia news magazine program and contributed research to the CNN Cold War television documentary series.

After completing her master’s degree, Rachel used her writing, editing and analytical skills in various non-profit fields. She was later a journalist in the diamond industry, writing news and feature articles for online and print publications as well as writing, researching and editing reports and reference books for international companies, governments and banks.

Rachel has also ghostwritten a memoir, a crafts book about jewelry and various blog posts. She continues to pursue avenues of online content and marketing writing, including script writing for online educational courses.

Being a consultant at ARINGO allows Rachel to combine her skills and expertise in listening to people and helping them articulate their thoughts and experiences.

To Rachel, words are like pieces in an elaborate puzzle. “The art of persuasive writing is to succeed in arranging and fitting together words in such a way that they produce a moving, convincing picture.”