Neeti Sohal

e-GMAT - Verbal Expert
Neeti Sohal - e-GMAT - Verbal Expert
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Neeti is a zealous new addition to our team of Verbal experts at e-GMAT. She lives and breathes the philosophy that one shouldn’t be a bystander to one’s own life and, hence, thrives on overcoming new challenges.

Neeti comes in with a varied educational background. She is an Economics Honors graduate who went on to study TV and Video Production at the prestigious Bournemouth University, UK. As a documentary filmmaker, she discovered very early in her professional life that she was blessed with the gift of making people comfortable in their own skins and that she could channelize this to tell their stories to a larger audience by creating meaningful and thought-provoking messages.

In the midst of directing TV programs, and writing scripts, proposals and synopses for one of India’s finest TV production houses, Neeti discovered her passion for the English language. This is when she was bitten by the bug of teaching the language; she doesn’t wish to recover from it ever. So far, Neeti has coached more than a thousand students for various Indian and American competition exams such as the CLAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE and SAT.

In the scheme of things, working as a Verbal expert at e-GMAT is the perfect destination for which Neeti had been preparing all along. AT e-GMAT she uses her media experience to create online content that cuts across the physical barrier between a teacher and a student. That she has a sectional Verbal score of 44 on the official GMAT and that she is a certified ESL tutor who graduated in the top percentile of her class in Cambridge University’s CELTA program, add just the right amount of authority to her work. As a Verbal expert, Neeti has helped numerous GMAT takers cross the V40 barrier. At e-GMAT, she considers writing articles and responding to student queries, the two biggest perks of her job.

In her time off from work, Neeti loves to watch films and sitcoms. She is totally hooked on to the American sit-com, Modern Family, and she is a die-hard Kevin Costner fan.