Harsh Bhardwaj

e-GMAT - Quant Expert
Harsh Bhardwaj  Beat The Gmat

In his growing years, Harsh could correlate cricket with any and every sphere of life. It is his this ability of correlating concepts with simple things that makes him a joy as a guide and trainer. He can help people understand processes and break down complex things into easily understandable bits. Harsh is a post graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. He aced CAT with a percentile of 99.66 in his first attempt. During his post-graduation, he perceived the subject of finance as his biggest challenge, but with sheer determination he conquered it. Not satisfied with just a major in finance, he cleared all the levels of Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) certification (in his first attempts), considered to be the toughest certification course in the world of finance – with an overall pass rate of ~15%.

“Learn and Help Learn” is the working philosophy of Harsh’s life. Harsh does not shy away from getting his hands dirty if it helps him learn something new. When he himself is not busy learning, he is occupied with helping others learn. In the past, he has trained his students in successfully clearing CFA Levels-I & II. He believes that Mathematics as a concept is an offshoot of nature and is a hidden trait of every human being; it just needs to be enlightened.

When he is free, he loves watching sci-fi movies. Given an opportunity he would love to portray fictional movie characters in real life. Needless to say, he still dreams of making it into the Indian Cricket XI and meeting his idol Sachin Tendulkar.