Chay Benyamin

ARINGO - Senior Application Consultant
Chay Benyamin  Beat The Gmat

Chaya Benyamin is an experienced writer, editor, and higher education professional who began honing her expertise in international admissions as an Admissions Officer with University of the People, where she became an expert on admissions standards and protocols from universities around the world. As Program Director for the International MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University, Chaya was head of recruitment and admissions. This experience helped her to develop a wide view of competition among international students in the global arena, which she uses to help her clients present applications with a competitive edge.

Chaya graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with a BA in English Language and Literature. Her passion for stories and storytelling lead her to try her hand at academic consulting, where she excels at helping candidates realize how their unique experiences relate to their goals, and helping them translate those experiences and emotions into meaningful text.

Chaya’s clients have been accepted to various graduate programs across the US and Canada.

“The personal statement is not merely a story with a beginning, middle and end, but rather, it is a story that leads to a beginning: It is the opening chapter in a new phase of a person’s life. For this reason, I believe the personal statement is the most important piece of reflective writing a person does in life, and I hold the process of writing it in extremely high regard.”