Bhavik Trivedi

Critical Square - Managing Partner
Bhavik Trivedi  Beat The Gmat

Bhavik grew up in Atlanta where down-home and sincere customer service is more than just a goal, it’s a way of life. He received his BBA in Finance from the Scheller School of Management at Georgia Tech where he’s still all about sponsorship, alumni, and mentoring activities. Georgia Tech will always hold a special place in his heart and being able to give back as an alum is a great way to stay connected!

After graduation, Bhavik joined the ranks and became a Strategy Consultant – he wanted to get out on the road and help companies do big things. From global growth strategies for leading consumer brands to supplier divestitures for one of the largest automotive companies to marketing innovation and brand redesign, he’s had experiences around the world in numerous industries and across the value chain. What does that mean to you? It means he knows where you’re coming from and what you’re talking about. He knows how it compares to your peer set and what’s fluff and what isn’t. In short, he knows how to help you stand out!

In his free time, Bhavik is passionate about helping others especially when it comes to Social Empowerment and Education. He has partnered with regional and global nonprofits alike to deliver pro bono consulting engagements that have made a real impact. He isn’t alone – everyone at Critical Square feels strongly about being grateful for what they have and helping others. Their dedication to giving back is why 5% of every dollar they make goes to Camfed, a nonprofit dedicated to making education accessible for underprivileged girls in Africa.

<p?When Bhavik founded Critical Square, he did so with a really simple goal. To enable yours. After crafting stories for the C-suites and boards of some of the biggest, baddest companies out there, he wanted to bring that expertise to your application. His job as the managing partner is really simple – it’s to make sure every client gets the best possible results while having an absolutely amazing experience.

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