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PrepVista - Co-Founder
Ali Tariq - PrepVista - Co-Founder
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Ali Tariq

Ali Tariq is a co-founder of PrepVista, a GMAT prep company that specializes in preparing students gain 100 percent accuracy in sentence correction type questions. As a GMAT instructor, Ali creates GMAT SC content that students can use to engage and learn beyond boundaries.

He believes that for non-native test takers, it is even more rewarding to score 99 percentile in verbal section of GMAT as it can be made a talking point in interview as well. He questions everything and encourages his students to develop the curiosity of a baby, a trait indispensible to make it to the higher echelons in this era of cut throat competition.

He regards time as the single most precious resource and is extremely vigilant about where it goes- both his and his students’. As long as it is spent in helping others, and specifically students struggling with verbal section of GMAT, he considers it time well spent!