Most popular jobs for MBA graduates

by ARINGO, Mar 7, 2019

Coming to the end of your undergraduate degree and are hesitant about pursuing an MBA degree? Or perhaps youre applying to MBA programs and are wondering about potential industries your degree will lead you to? We, at ARINGO MBA Admissions Consulting receive this question from many candidates. These are the most popular jobs for MBA graduates:


  • Marketing manager- This position entails overseeing the marketing of a business or product and the advertisement strategies. The role could include, but is not limited to, brainstorming ideas for new campaigns, identifying and researching target audiences, developing and implementing short and long-term marketing goals, collaborating with the sales team and the creative team. The required skills and qualifications for this job consist of strong organizational and management skills, dedication to tasks, the ability to lead a team among others.

  • Operations research analysist- An operations research analysist studies various aspects of a company or department in order to combat problems that the company may be facing. They research the problem at hand, observe the business process in action, speak to employees, managers or clients in order to collect all the relevant data. With this data they come up with a plan to tackle the issue at hand. The issue could be in sales, supply chain, marketing or product distribution.

  • Financials manager - Financial managers essentially manage the budget and are responsible for the financial situation of the organization. The role used to mainly consist of monitoring the finances coming in and out of the company and making investment and financial decisions. However, today it may also include following the cash flow forecast, observing data and reports on the companys performance and making investment and financial decisions. Financial managers typically work under the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the company.

  • Investment banker- The responsibilities of an investment banker fall under four main categories: 1. Data management- This is a critical aspect of the job. Data must be collected from reports and records in order to refer to them regarding any issue. 2. Financial analysis- The data must be analyzed in order to collect insights and create strategies. 3. Liaising- Investment bankers must act as a mediator between two parties when arranging funds. 4. Client management- Creating reports and presentations to exhibit to clients.

  • Operations Manager,Supply Chain ManagerorLogistics Manager- These three positions are similar and are sometimes intertwined. Operations is normally concerned with monitoring and overseeing productions, in case of a flaw in any aspect of production, the operations manager must develop a strategy to combat the problem. Supply chain regards the connection between the company and the supplier and deals with distribution. Logistics is an aspect of supply chain, logistics administrate the products through the supply chain.

  • Chief Technology Officer- The main responsibility of a chief technology officer, or CTO, is to oversee the usage of the companys technological resources. However, there are many other aspects of the job and this will depend on the specific company. They may have to assess technological performance and possibly implement new technology into the company in order to advance. In order to fulfil this role, you must be a strategic thinker, good communicator and have knowledge of technological trends.


These are just a handful of possible opportunities for MBA graduates. Some top MBA programs have an array of specializations, check out for the leading ones.