How To Bring Out Your Strengths In Your Business School Essay

by Stacy Blackman Consulting, Jun 2, 2011

After you have begun writing your business school essay, you will want to focus more closely on your most impactful accomplishments. These will be stories in which you overcame obstacles, contributed greatly, and made an impact. The following questions are given to help you to show what aspects of your attributes and character allowed you to succeed. Make sure to spend your time reflecting on the following questions. The answers can be included with the other messages that you will use to shape your brand message in your application and essays:

  • Which of my attributes and strengths did I utilize to make an impact?

  • What qualities do I possess that most contributed to my success?

  • Which of my abilities exceeded the expectations of my peers and/or manager?

  • As compared to my colleagues, which attributes set me apart?

  • In what ways have challenges contributed to personal growth and made me stronger?

  • When you are part of a team what is the most outstanding and consistent way you add value?

Make sure to list your answers to each question and then think about what you have written. There may be experiences that you missed.

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