Yale SOM 2017-2018 Essay Analysis - Class of 2020

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Yale School of Management class of 2020 hopefuls, SOM has just released its essays for the 2017-2018 application year and once again asks students to:
"Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made (500 words)"

Bruce DelMonico, Assistant Dean for Admissions, explained to candidates in his blog post (https://som.yale.edu/blog/assistant-dean ... ?blog=3490) that this question was designed in collaboration with Amy Wrzesniewski, (https://som.yale.edu/amy-wrzesniewski) Professor, Organizational Behavior and a professor for the Leadership course within Yale's unique integrated curriculum (https://som.yale.edu/programs/mba/curric ... curriculum)

As you answer this question, keep in mind that Yale is very mission focused and strives to "educate leaders for business and society." Its student body is passionate and committed and Yale prides itself on its small group learning teams and close-knit campus. This question gives candidates a chance to show admissions committee members a glimpse of who they are and what matters to them, confirming they can and will live up to this lofty mission.

The commitment can be personal or professional, though I prefer to see candidates share their personal side with this essay. Whichever you choose, be sure that you focus on ONE thing. Do not include multiple commitments here. Past examples have included causes, personal development areas, athletic achievements and professional pursuits. This commitment can be something in the past or on-going but be sure if it is on-going, you have made significant steps to deliver against it. A commitment you just made and your forward looking plans won't cut it here.

Yale wants to see passion, dedication and follow-through. They want to assess.......Click below to read more!
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