Why PGDM in Finance is the right choice for career growth

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Being a prevalent professional degree, PGDM can help start your career in business management on a solid footing. It is equivalent to an MBA degree. Although recognized universities award MBA, PGDM can be granted by any business school that functions under the regulatory control of AICTE. In comparison to MBA, a PGDM is more industry-centric and job-oriented. It is highly specialized. Just like an MBA, PGDM also offers specializations in several management areas like PGDM in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, etc.

What makes PGDM in Finance so Popular?
Marketing and Finance are viral among all the disciplines offered for specialization. Management professionals having domain in these areas are much in demand.

Finance's importance in any business organization cannot be overstated; it is the very purpose of any business. However, in larger organizations, matters related to finance are relatively complicated and jargonized for a non-professional individual. Anyone not having professional knowledge or exposure to financial issues will find it extremely difficult to understand the intricacies involved. A student with PGDM in Finance can overcome these difficulties in an organization by using his or her financial knowledge and skills and aid the management in decision making.

Career Opportunities
A PGDM finance specialist student is an excellent asset in the market. It is in great demand as they understand financial matters and can help Manage complex Finance by simplifying the information and data. Here are some of the roles and work which a student with Finance in PGDM can get.

Bank Manager
Bank of the storehouse of money of the common man and it is all about Finance. A finance specialist is significantly required in a Bank, and a PGDM graduate with finance specialization can become Bank Manager, among many other roles in the back.

Financial Manager
Financial managers are needed in many large and medium enterprises and businesses. They are required for managing and dealing with the financial matters of the organization. The role is vital as it involves decision-making and planning on the financial aspects of the organization.

Portfolio Manager
This is a flexible work profile as a portfolio manager may work independently or in any financial like a stock market or bank. The role involves helping the clients in choosing suitable investments for their finances.

Financial Advisor
Companies and organizations many times desire a financial advisor to offer guidance on financial matters. Though the specific roles of this post can differ from one company to another, it is a reputed and rewarding role.

Equity Analyst
In the financial world, the stock market is a vital institution. Every hour, Billions of money and stocks are traded. This speaks for itself how much the need for analysis of equity is there. Finance specialization in PGDM is a great way to become an equity analyst.

A business management degree having specialization in Finance is a vital qualification. It gives a significant weightage to the student and makes him or her job-oriented and ready to deal with financial matters. IEM Kolkata, a premier private pgdm college, offers PGDM for graduate students alongside many other courses. This course is auspicious for career growth and a potential success maker in this field.
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