When you have only 3 weeks to improve your Verbal Score....

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I posted this elsewhere and thought BTG folks would benefit. What do you do when you only have 3 weeks and your verbal is still not where you want it to be? The following is a down-and-dirty prescription to improve your verbal score, since this section carries more weight and will bring up your overall score up more than just improving quant.

Take inventory of your incorrect answers, then directly improve your knowledge base, employ the best test-taking strategy, manage your time wisely, and embody an optimal mindset. Here are some more specific things you can do in each of the Verbal's question types:

- - Sentence Correction - - Do you answer intuitively or do you follow rules? What types of questions are you answering incorrectly? And where are you getting things wrong? Use a comprehensive list of topics you need to master along with honing your ability to answer choices that best express the sentence 'meaning.' Our book has a quick quiz that identifies where your weak spots are on this material: https://www.amazon.com/Full-Potential-S ... bara+sapir

-- Reading Comprehension - - The quickest way to improve your score on this section is to read faster without compromising comprehension. See how fast you're reading, here. If it turns out you're reading more than 350 words per minute, focus efforts elsewhere, but if less, then you'll benefit from picking up the pace. You'll want your reading to be effective and focused, so you have more time to answer the questions. More time could help you, answer more correctly. Further, 80% of the answers come from 20% of what you read, so you don't need to spend time mastering the essay, thus, most students need a strategy of reading better. As far as payoff: we've seen people improve up to 26% on just reading comprehension by increasing their speed. And you can increase your speed in one day. Here is information on our GMAT Speed Reading clinic, one of the only programs I know of that focuses specifically on taking tests.GO here to learn how to read faster https://citytestprep.com/workshops/and here to find out if you need to! (to identify your reading speed). https://citytestprep.com/tests/

--To improve Arguments, make sure you fully understand the 'architecture' of the setup and be sure to answer what the question is asking. Understand what inference and assumption questions are really looking for, be sure to not answer questions that go out of the scope of the logic, and use common sense.

-- Finally, how is your mindset? We've seen students improve up to 230 points, the weekend before their GMAT, by eliminating test anxiety and stress. Enter your test feeling focused, confident, and calm, and you'll be more likely to draw from your knowledge base and 'memory' to perform your best.

Good Luck!
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