What Makes the GMAT Focus Unique?

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What Makes the GMAT Focus Unique?

At first glance, the GMAT Focus may not seem too different from other standardized exams you’ve taken. However, it does have some “quirks” that set it apart. For one, the GMAT allows you to choose the order in which you see the exam sections. As you might guess, section order is a decision that should factor into your test-taking strategy.

Secondly, the Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights sections are question-level adaptive. Simply put, the computer selects questions based on your answers. For example, as you complete the Quant section, questions get harder or easier based on your performance. The same goes for the Verbal and Data Insights sections. Interestingly, your performance on each section determines your starting difficulty on subsequent sections. If you perform well on your first section, your second section starts with a more difficult question. If you perform poorly, it starts with an easier question.

Finally, you cannot skip questions, and you have limited opportunity to change previous answers. Because each section is adaptive, your answers determine the questions you see. So, you must answer each question as you face it. At the end of the section, you can review questions you bookmarked. However, you can only edit up to 3 answers.

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