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What exactly is involed in terms of time commitment

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for the Knewton on demand course? Can I finish all the requirements for the 50+ guarantee studying for a month? I can spend only 2 hours per weekday and 4 hours per weekend day.

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by akhilsuhag » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:56 am
1 month with your time restrictions is not possible. I we take a month with 4 weekends the u have (23*2 + 8*4) hrs = 78 hrs.

Knewton has 13 * 2 sessions, each will take approx 2 hrs if you take notes and use it well. This means 52 hrs is sessions itself (which leaves you with 26 hrs).

Now each session has pre class and post class homework (1 hr per session so 26hrs). So you exhaust your time here.

Apart from these you have CATs, that take 3 hrs each. So, 15 hrs more. Plus this is only the doing stuff, if you want the most out of it you will review every homework and CAT which is a very important part.

I think it will take you 2 months. I just finished knewton in a month and I know its hard work. You can do it only if this is all that you have to do. But with your schedule you need more time.


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