what bschools can I apply to with this profile

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I would request your views on my profile. Details are as below:
1) Experience: After-sales operations at two largest automobile companies in India (Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors) looking after customer satisfaction and channel partner (Dealer) profitability. Total work experience = 4.5 years (June 2011 onwards). Job responsibilities include implementation of service quality standards to enhance customer satisfaction and enhancement of dealer revenues and profitability to improve company's business in the area. After-sales is a part of Marketing and Sales vertical.
2) GMAT - 730 (96%). Q49(78%), V40(91%), IR6(67%), AWA5.0 (59%)
3) Education : Bachelors in Engineering (BE) in Mechanical Engineering from Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (howrah). It was a premier state university and has now been converted into a national university (Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology). Marks obtained - 67.08%. Approx. 50% rank in the class. (It is 3.0/4.0 as per WES GPA conversion)
Class 12th - 81.4%, Class 10th - 86.6% (If those are relevant at all).
4) Extra curricular activities:
i) Orange belt in Karate.
ii) Bronze medal in Inter-unit karate championship (Kata category).
iii) Sports such as TT. Represented hostel team in college and reached semi-finals. No certificate though.
iv) Part of the sponsorship team of annual cultural fest of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur. Arranged for Sponsorship from Vodafone and Luxor pens worth Rs. 80,000/- and 20,000/- respectively. No certificate though.
v) Achieved third position in the group dance/performance category in the Annual Business Review Meet of Tata Motors in 2015.
5) No certifications
6) Post MBA Goal - To work in the strategy function of marketing and sales vertical OR in the consulting function in a reputed consulting firm. I eventually want to start my own business in the renewable energy sector.
Could you please suggest me the relevant schools to which I should apply. I will apply to only one or two schools because of the high application costs.

Ashish Prasad


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by CriticalSquareMBA » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:25 am
Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your background. There is a lot to like about your application. If you're only planning to apply to 2 schools max, I think you could go after one school in the top 10 and one school in the 10-20 range. Unless of course you're OK waiting another year to get your MBA in which you can apply to two in the top 10. For top 10, I like Kellogg and Haas for you. In the top 10-20 range, schools like Fuqua or Goizueta are a great option and can still help you achieve your goals. Feel free to check out our free resources to get you started for your R2 preparation. Best of luck this season!
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