Wharton , Ross ($$$) and Tuck: Admissions Gateway Review

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I am a consultant with 3 years experience post completing my Bachelors in Economics. I was apprehensive about my lack of client facing experience, and the way my role would be perceived by B schools. I also had decisions to make regarding switching to a different role, choosing an externship vs. transfer, and on building my application to target a Top 10 school.


When I first spoke to Rajdeep Chimni from on the phone, I was impressed by his in depth-knowledge of my company (top consulting firm) and my specific role! He asked pointed questions about my daily operations, how my practice has grown and helped steer me to thinking about my story. He also met me at his office over the weekend, and helped me chart my plan of action for the next year, without me even being a client at the time. He was very calm and analytical, drawing up my school strategy and going bucket by bucket from job to academics to ECA to social impact and told me what to target to get to different categories of schools. We came up with a check list that kept me on track 1.5 years before I came on board as a client!

During applications

Chimni helped me focus on cracking my resume. I faced roadblocks on quantifiable impact in my role where we have limited visibility on it, and we worked together on brainstorming for proxies, alternative sources for numbers etc. He challenged me to simplify and add numbers behind my assertions, and work on numerous drafts to get it right. What I really appreciated also was that we worked as a team; many times my apps would be left behind because I was busy with work, and he really checked me and kept me on track.

When my essays were not whipping up in round 1, he helped me rejig my school strategy accordingly. We did Ross which has simpler essays in round 1 and I secured 100% scholarship. With the boost from Ross we applied to Tuck, LBS, Wharton, Kellogg and Booth.

Holding off allowed me the space and timing to work out how to write my essays in an authentic and impact oriented way, and Chimni was really able to outline for me the approach. He coached me in detail for my interviews as well, and gave me structured pointers where I felt I wasn't able to answer well. The debriefs after every interview where Chimni debugged any questions I had were helpful in me improving with every interview. He provided school and even interviewer specific advice, which was insightful and allowed me to go in prepared. For Wharton in particular, he even organised a Skype meet for all interviewees with round 1 admits on tips and what to expect which was really helpful.

Chimni has a personal and thorough yet team based approached, oceans of experience and pointed advice. I was also admitted to Tuck and Wharton and will be attending Wharton.

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by andonianalex » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:46 pm
Thanks for sharing and congrats! Do you mind sharing what you scored on the GMAT?