Essay Guides from Stratus Prep

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Essay Guides from Stratus Prep

by [email protected] » Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:27 am
Did you know that we offer a "how to" Center on our webpage with lots of essay tips for all the top MBA programs. You can go to this link here: ... dmissions/ to find the schools where you are applying and read some insightful tips from our MBA counselors who have experience with these top programs either from attending themselves or working on the AdCom side or both! We also offer many Webinars that can be helpful and have an archived site where you can watch past webinars here on demand:

It's getting to be high season in Admissions land and we at Stratus Prep are ready to help you- whether you are looking for just a few hours of essay review or counseling or you want a full admissions package!To find out how we can help you, sign up for a free consult here: