Durign a four-day period, a height measurement and a weight

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During a four-day period, a height measurement and a weight measurement were recorded shortly after delivery for each baby born in a particular hospital. The 19 babies in the study were divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. The chart shows the length, in centimeters (cm), and weight, in kilograms (kg), for each of the 19 babies.

Based on the given information, use the drop-down menus to most accurately complete the following statements.

The correlation between length and weight for the babies in the study is,
Strongly positive.
Strongly negative.

Is there a rule to decide on correlation? What I see here is that two babies with height 47 weigh differently and again at weight 48 and 4 babies with different weights at height 51 where two are much heavier, does not it contradict strong correlation?