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Hi ,
I am an Indian & i have scored 660 in GMAT. My priority B schools are ISB Hyderabad , IIM Bangalore , IIM Ahmedabad, YALE UNIVERSITY & SINGAPORE BUSINESS SCHOOL.

i am having 6 years work Ex in sales & marketing in india.
My drawback is low CGPA in graduation - Mechanical Engineering - 3.4 CGPA.
i am also certified with following:
1> Digital marketing
2> Project management
3> Business Analyst
4> Six sigma green & black belt.
Can any help me what will be probability to get call & chance to convert in respective college that i am keenly interested?
your suggestion will be extremely valuable to me.
awaiting response

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You can utilize your experience as you tell us that you have 6 years of working experience so it will help you in the future. if you think you are better to start providing services related to the queries. so go and reach your level. I think you work on digital marketing.