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TLDR; When doing the transformation D2, T(3,-2), do you translate or dialate first?

So I have an assignment in which many people in my class got different answers. The answer goes

"Triangle ABC are A(1,3) B(-2,2) and C(0,-2). On the grid below, graph and label A''B"C" after the transformation D2, T(3,-2)"

I would like to know what comes first, dialation or translation and what the coordinates would be so I can check my work


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by Ian Stewart » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:41 am
This is definitely not a GMAT question (so if you have future questions, direct them to a more relevant forum), but in general, geometric transformations cannot always be done in any order, so you should perform them in the order in which they're listed: D then T.
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The order matters because both transformations are acting horizontally. The order does not matter. Algebraically we have y=12f(x+2). The order does not matter.

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