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New member: just started CATs (GMAT Prep, Knewton), help pls

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Have been preparing for my GMAT quite some time now, but really pulled my socks down and got down to it last month. Got OG guidebook plus the quant and verbal reviews (not the latest ones though). Not doing any course, can't accommodate cuz I have a full time job (9 am - 9pm).

While doing the ones in the guide, I've had 95-100% accuracy levels on Quant. On verbal it's been 85%. Obviously since it's paper based, no scaled score is available. Plus I assume the questions get tougher once I'm past the first 100 in each section (PS, DS, CR etc.).

My GMAT is scheduled on Sep 4, so thought it'd be worthwhile to start giving CATs now. Plus I have a full time job to do.

Gave the GMAT Prep 1 last Friday (result below). Felt I could do much better, senses were not on alert.
The next day, gave the Knewton Diagnostic, thankfully the score improved.

GMAT Prep 1: 700/93rd (Q: 11 incorrect, V: 9 incorrect: sorry was my first CAT and forgot to note the scaled scores)
Knewton Diagnostic: 730/97% (Q: 48/83%, 5 incorrect; V: 42/95%, 9 incorrect)

Some points to note:
- Why is my quant score worse than verbal? I've historically been better in quant cuz Eng is not my first language, the OG solution results suggest the same
- In the Knewton test, I brought my errors in Quant, but the score doesn't look great. I did get a lot of consecutive answers wrong toward the end cuz I was short on time. Is it true that this pulls down your score?
- GMAT Prep is apparently the real thing cuz the test makers made it. Dunno the same abt Knewton. Saw some Knewton instructors/mgt commenting here. Request their inputs.
- Do you think I can take my score to 750+? Or am I aiming too high?

Sorry for the long boring post, but have become a fan of this site over the past couple of wks. Wanted to share my experiences.

Rgds, H

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