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Private tutoring with Knewton

Ask your questions about Knewton products/services here
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Private tutoring with Knewton

by raka3399 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:46 am
hello Jose,

Must say that knewton does look very promising to me . I was wondering if private tutoring would be available with knewton ! Also ... i was at a 550 on my gamt prep a month back would that be considered my baseline score for the 50 pts guaranteed improvement on the actual GMAT . By the way , i've been studying since my Gmat prep last month and needless to say i have impoved considerably on all aspect of the exam ... repeating my query yet again .. wat would b my baseline score for the 50 pts improvement ... on the actual exam ..! last but not the least ..i want a 700+ on the GMAT ... can knewton tutoring help me achieve that score? !!!

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by chris@knewton » Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:39 pm
Hello, raka3399!

Your baseline for the Knewton course is either a previous official exam score if you've taken it or, if not, the Knewton diagnostic exam. While Knewton does not provide private tutoring, we do have office hours and a very interactive team teaching model in the classroom, where multiple teachers are able to handle an abundance of student questions. I'd say try the course for a while -- many students then find tutoring isn't as necessary, or they still get a tutor but are able to really focus that time with the help of Knewton reporting.

150 points is a lofty goal, but we've certainly had students to do it -- lots of time and dedication is the key. Feel free to email us at support@knewton.com with any more questions you may have. Best wishes,

Chris Rosenbaum
Director of Test Prep, Knewton

Follow me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/KnewtonChris


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