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Profile evaluation for Stanford

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Profile evaluation for Stanford

by TargetMBA007 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:32 pm

I am originally from India (33YO), when I was 18 I moved to the UK to pursue my Bachelors. I graduated with First Class Honours from a Mid-ranked university there. While, I was there, I also won a couple of major business plan competitors, that were covered by the media.

After graduation, 1 Worked for 1 year for a Fortune 100 company in the UK then moved to China to start my start-up. 8 Years later, my start is now a medium-sized mature company (8 Figure Revs in 2018 + 15 Employees) but I am looking to change career paths and start a new venture in the tech-space after taking some time off as well. I am in the process of exiting my current venture.

This is why I am looking to pursue an MBA, and especially keen on Stanford (and UC Berkeley as my 2nd option) as I am looking to be based in the Valley. I have just started the process literally 3 days ago and I understand, I am under tight deadlines if I have to hit the Jan application dates. I have not taken the GMAT yet but am working on it.

In terms of the diversity factor, I wonder if entrepreneurship as a path reflects positive or not on my application, compared to working in a large well-known organization?

1. I wonder if I would be a good fit for Stanford (or other top schools) if I was able to hit around 700 in GMAT in the limited time available?

2. Also, if I was to hit Jan deadlines for most of the top schools in the US, do I have sufficient time to complete the process?

Would appreciate any feedback.