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Inspiring Admits - Applicants who made it to ISB 2018

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Every applicant who makes it to ISB has some weakness and some strength in their profiles. To sail through the ISB admissions process, competition to which has been increasing by 20% every year, is a tough nut to crack. Bright professionals will find a way. They will find a way to overcome their weakness, they will find a way to highlight their strengths. And that is what leaders in the corporate world are doing.

Professionals from varied fields, be it education, fintech, copyrights and trademarks, IT and sailors are being able to showcase their unique aspect to the ISB adcom. Let us look at Abhishank' s profile. He had a sharp focus on improving the Education scenario in India. The Engineering degree at IIT, Varanasi allowed him to explore the world of Business Analytics, to begin with. As he interned and gained the required experience, he chose to use this knowledge by partnering with Teach for India.....ISB PGP Admits