MBA in India Vs MBA Abroad

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MBA in India Vs MBA Abroad

by chitravp » Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:27 pm
MBA in India Vs MBA Abroad

Before deciding to pursue an MBA from India or abroad, you need to be clear about your career aspirations!
There's no point in getting accepted into an MBA program that doesn't offer the specialization you want to develop a career in.
So reflect carefully on where you see yourself in a few years after an MBA and only apply to the B-Schools that can help get you there.
If you see yourself working overseas, whether at a higher level or otherwise, it makes sense to do your MBA abroad.
But if you don't see yourself leaving the comforts of staying with your family behind, then maybe you should just get your MBA in India itself.

Here are a few advantages of doing an MBA in India:

1. Less Expensive:
Doing an MBA within India is going to work out cheaper than doing an MBA abroad.
2. No Visa Issues:
You don't have to worry about post-study Visas.
3. Familiar Network and Culture:
It's easier to thrive in a familiar culture where you already have an existing network of friends and family.
Here are a few advantages of doing an MBA Abroad:

1. Global Exposure

In terms of networking, studying abroad will inevitably mean that your classroom itself will have representatives from multiple countries in one place. This helps you gain insights into the way things work in various countries around the world.
2. Better Teaching Methodology
MBA programs abroad generally use a host of tools and techniques to enhance your learning experience. The process of learning is significantly more interactive and experiential than it is in India.
3. Ability to settle or work abroad
If you dream of going abroad and working in the US or Europe, an Indian MBA degree is not going to help you do that.

With regards to placements after an MBA - it depends purely on your skill sets and your ability to get the job!

In India, you do have a concept of placements but getting the job purely depends on your ability to crack the interview. MBA colleges abroad don't have the concept of placements. Getting a job abroad after an MBA happens through job fairs and your alumni network.

If you are from one of the top B-schools your chances of getting a job increases drastically purely based on your strong alumni network across prime companies.
So my recommendation would be to focus on getting into an MBA program which has a good brand name in order to maximize your chances of getting a job.

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by Mhrbsn » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:32 pm
Very useful post.