Profile Review: 25M, 3.35 GPA, 720 GMAT, Fintech

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Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for my MBA in a year's time (R1 2020) to plug some holes in my profile and would appreciate any honest feedback on my target schools (given my inclination towards tech) and how to improve my profile further in the time I have before applying. Thank you!

Work Experience: (all in the Philippines, 4 years total by matriculation)
"¢ 1 year at a local fintech wallet startup (similar to PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay) doing analytics - built the entire analytics and business intelligence capabilities of my vertical and helped source a sizeable investment
"¢ 1+ years (will be 3 years by matriculation) at a global payments company (Visa, Mastercard) doing business planning and operations (more on ad hoc projects like partnership pitches, business/product proposals alongside some analytics work) and setting the overall country strategy

Extra Curriculars:
I teach a management courses part-time at my alma mater

Was president of my major's student organization and doubled our capital while organizing new projects related to corporate sustainability
Represented the school and won a few national competitions related to marketing and strategy

GMAT Score: 720 (V40/Q49); will retake just to see if I can score any higher

Undergrad school/major: Management Engineering major from a top 3 School in the Philippines
Undergrad GPA: 3.35 / 4.00
Race/nationality: Filipino (Asian)
Sex: Male
Age: 25 (27 by matriculation)

Goal post-MBA:
I've largely worked on analytics and ad hoc projects; I want to transition to a product manager role at a tech company where I can own, set the direction, and grow the product I handle in a more holistic manner.

Target schools:
Dream/Reach: Haas (Berkeley)
Target: Anderson (UCLA), Fuqua (Duke), Ross (Michigan), Stern (NYU), McCombs (Texas), Foster (Washington)