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Profile Evaluation 2+2Hbs

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Profile Evaluation 2+2Hbs

by Gagan Reddy » Wed May 22, 2019 9:45 am

Nationality- India
Age- 20


Currently 3rd year in BBA with specialisation of IT.
Top college in the country
CGP - 7.9/10.0.
10th and 12std 80%.

Academic Certification

- Entrepreneurship in emerging economics from HarvardX online 92%
- Google certification in Digital Marketing 91%
- Udacity Digital marketing NanoDegree
- Hubspot Academy certification in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Business Blogging.
- Sololearn certificate in SQL fundamentals

Internship experience

- Unfurl Technologies company as Digital Marketer Intern in which i created marketing strategy and app development.
- The Climber company an Indian Institute Management based as Sales intern leading a team of 3 with 1 lakh sales in a month.
- Promoted as Operations head intern for entire city in The Climber. Lead a team of 15.
- Team lead Volunteer for a Non-profit company Villgro Innovations . Lead a team of 15 for conducting event for 200+ delegates in Mumbai.
- Nasscom event volunteer . Conducted event for 1000+ delegates fo National Conference.
- Team lead Volunteer for Villgro in Banglore . lead a team of 20 for 600+ delegates.
- Volunteer for NGO which developed skills in 500+ underprivilged kids


Founder of 5 clubs in my college .
- Impacted in converting 200+ students to join.
- Organised 2 fests which had 1000+ participations .
- Head of management for 6 months.

Extra Curricular

- District level boxer under 16 Bronze Medallist
- College boxer under 16 silver medallist and team winner.
- Awarded the gentleman quality award.
- Participated in 2 Model united Nations.
- Iken Scietnfica Zonal round participant.
- School player for Football , Cricket and atheletics
- Gold medallist in Cancer sponsored walk.

Looking forward for lots of replies .
PLZ EVALUATE MY profile for 2+2 harvard mba programme.


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by Abhyank » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:52 am
Hey there,

Overall you have a pretty good profile, here are some pointers about the same:

Your academic certifications from Harvard can be a differentiating factor. Schools are always on the lookout for people from different backgrounds to improve the diversity of the cohort, hence if you pitch your certifications properly it will definitely add value to your application.
Your 10th and 12th Marks do not matter for Masters abroad, your UG GPA is decent and college rank has weightage though. So do mention details about it.
Extracurriculars look interesting. NGO experience helps but remember that Adcoms are interested in impact created rather than just participation. So when you talk about social volunteering, mention the impact you created ( Eg: No.of kids educated).
Even your internship experience makes your application stand out to make sure to highlight the initiatives taken by you during your internship.
Your essays will play a vital role in highlighting your story. You can use this space to highlight what made you want to pursue a management degree. If you are able to highlight the right stories through your essays, more than half of the battle is won. Also, all the accomplishments and your participation in different competitions tell about your proactiveness, willing to learn, teamwork and a lot of other qualities.

Also, Your GMAT score plays a major role in your it would help you to outrun most of the competitive profiles in the first initial overview itself. So try to maximize it a score of 700+ would definitely help you make your profile stronger, make sure you work hard on it.

As for your target program, the Harvard 2+2 MBA program is very competitive make sure you ace every part of the application (essays, GMAT, LOR, resume) to get noticed. The Median GMAT score for 2019 batch was 740 but you have a strong profile and can definitely apply for the program.

If you want any help regarding application including essays and LOR's you can check our flagship service MiM All in One here : https://www.mim-essay.com/mim-all-in-one/.We have already helped 850+ applicants get into their target schools to date with a stellar success rate of 92%.

Hope this helped!
Abhyank Srinet
Founder and Head Consultant at MiM-Essay.com

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by Jon@Admissionado » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:54 pm
The collegiate stats you provided look solid, but they aren't the whole story for HBS 2+2. Besides the obvious GMAT or GRE (median 2+2 GMAT for HBS for class of 202 was 740 - higher than the score for the general MBA population), there is a LOT more to your profile. I would love to help you out, without more info it's gonna be hard. Where do you see yourself working in the two years between college and MBA? In what sort of function? What do you do medium-term and long-term post-MBA? What are your great achievements & passions? Do you have a notable community service among the extra-curriculars (hard to tell from the above list)? Why are you applying?

I like the way you've emphasized the IMPACT of your extracurriculars (e.g., "converted 200 students") and you should keep doing that whenever possible. Schools care about leadership and actually making a difference than mere association / participation with something great. But there are still a lot of important questions to answer - Why did you found the clubs you started -- do you have the kind of leadership story where you saw an opportunity that no one else saw? Or, did you ever do something within the engineering world that grabbed the attention of the BUSINESS/FINANCE people at your school or in your community and made em say things like "Wait, what department are you in? ENGINEERING/IT??" All of these will play important roles in your evaluation selling these stories correctly will be hugely important in your application so you need to think carefully about how you use the precious 2+2 application space to explain yourself.

If you can land (or talk about seeking) a position outside of IT (say in banking or consulting), that might be a good strategy. Most of the applicants applying from India are in IT and competition is fierce from your geography. HBS' class is only 37% international (outside U.S). 14% of the class of 2020 is from the Asian continent, with China, India and Pakistan greatly overrepresented. If you decide to work for a few years and then apply, you'll find that most top-10 US b-schools aim for ~20-40% non-US students. One of the tricks is knowing what makes your profile distinct (and in our experience, the majority of otherwise-qualified candidates MISFIRE here, either by identifying the wrong unique traits, or by getting the trait right, but selling it wrong). But there's an even SIMPLER way to differentiate: having clear and achievable post-MBA goals, with bulletproof plans. "Doesn't that go without saying"? Yes. And, the vast majority of international applicants (well, all applicants actually) SHANK THIS. So, to be able to compel the adcom that you have so clearly identified the value of an MBA for you at this point in your life, and understand exactly how you're gonna exploit it toward specific short-term goals... is to take a major step ahead of your competition. Harder than it sounds. Much. But doable. Now, do this AND make your differentiators come to life, and you're gonna SAIL past your competition. Indians, Chinese and Pakistani students are overrepresented among international students and, as you might imagine, this is a particularly dizzying challenge for that crew. But, as long as you do those two things (have clear/logical/achievable goals, and identify/sell your unique traits), you're gonna be golden. We've seen thousands of international applicants sink into this universal quicksand, but we've gotten em all out, hah. We've developed a sixth sense over the years helping international folks in particular make their case. Email us if you ever wanna chat, or if you wanna do a more formal consultation, you're always welcome to hop over to this page: https://admissionado.com/free-consultat ... sultation/ and we'll get into it. Oh and take your time and really sink into that form, the more stuff you say, the meatier the chat.
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