Interview: MIT Sloan Fellows

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Interview: MIT Sloan Fellows

by Sia Admissions » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:57 am
The MIT Sloan Fellows is a one (1) year MBA program designed for, what MIT refers to as, "experienced leaders and mid-career professionals." A minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience is required and candidates should be seeking to make a difference on a global scale.

The 12-month program begins with orientation in April. The programs most recent cohort comprised about 110 students from 37 countries. The coursework takes place at the MIT Sloan School of Management campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We recently had the pleasure of helping a client successfully apply to the MIT Sloan Fellows program and thought it may be helpful to share his interview experience debrief.


The admissions team at MIT Sloan hosted a student lunch following the interview, so I only had a 30-minute window with the interviewer. Although I had corresponded with the MIT Sloan Fellows admissions team prior to submitting my application, this was my first time meeting the admissions interviewer, Jen. I met Jen in her office where she had a laptop open and took a lot of notes.

She began the interview by telling me about the admissions process and informed me that she had read my application in its entirety and knew that I had been on campus - it felt like she knew everything about me. She first asked for an elevator pitch - a 30-second presentation of what I do. I took the opportunity to tie in how MIT would impact my career and, in turn, make my elevator pitch better.

The rest of the questions were behavioral, like "How do you support your employees?" and "How do you handle challenging situations at work?" Here I took the opportunity to give specific examples of my actions and how it led to positive outcomes. All of Jen's questions were straight forward.

In the final 10 minutes, I had the opportunity to ask questions I had prepared, specifically addressing topics about program enhancements and living in Cambridge. I had prepared well in advance, so I wasn't stuck on any questions.

Interview location: in person, on campus

Interviewer: Admission Team Member

Interview type: Semi-formal, but still friendly

Types of question: mostly behavioral

Takeaways: Go in prepared not only to be asked questions related to your work, but also to ask questions to the admissions team. They need to know that you have taken time to prepare. Above all, be yourself.

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Article first appeared: Sia Admission's Access: A Blog


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