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My Positive Experience with Gyanone

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This is an honest review of Gyanone (I like to call it G1). Two people who have helped me in my application journey - Rishabh and Swati. Both are highly experienced individuals and have been in this business for long to understand where and how to shape up a candidate's application.
I needed help with my applications. When I had my first interaction with Rishabh, I felt confident that I was working with the right person. He will not beat about the bush while talking to you. Expect some upfront and honest feedback. Rishabh convinced me to think from a different perspective in order to land a seat in colleges. Guess what? I had applied to 3 colleges - called for interviews in 2 of them while awaiting a response from 3rd. He has helped me shape up my journey that I feel lucky that I was referred to him. Gyanone's office is in Delhi. What I liked about Rishabh is he was approachable. I could drop by and get my queries cleared (in person). That is always important.
If you are on a lookout for consultants who are expert in what they do, Rishabh and Swati are the people to approach. You will not regret!