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Finance Trainee Position after 5 years of work experience

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I have 5 years of full time work experience with Goldman Sachs and Wilmington Trust. I was in the U.S. till August 2017 when I had to move back to India due to some extenuating personal circumstances. It's because of that reason that I could not commit to a regular full time position with a corporation. I used that time to prepare for GMAT and I was working as a project coordinator for a nonprofit.
Since June 2018, I have been working with Atria Power as a finance trainee. I intend to move into the corporate finance role post MBA so I wanted to use this opportunity to gain some experience in that department. I am working directly with the CFO, assisting and getting trained on the finance function. I am also assisting the CEO with project strategy. It's a full-time but trainee position.

Would I list this job under the employment section in the MBA application form or would I have to explain that in another section?

Thank You