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Should I Consider doing MBA?

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Should I Consider doing MBA?

by krishna0318 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:29 pm
Hi All,

I would need your expert advise on 'if MBA is correct for me'. Please suggest according to the below profile.

My background :
Senior Consultant with 11 years of experience with 5-6 different domains (eCommerce, Health, Insurance etc).
I joined a startup and worked for it for 17 months as a product owner. The startup did not move in the direction I wanted and I moved out of it. Part of it is still up and running and it 's a registered company. I can get a recommendation for the work I did.

Why I want to do MBA?
After i moved out of the startup, I learnt few things about myself which i felt an experience at a MBA college would help me overcome. Basically, I learnt what I am weak at. Getting the initial investment, running the business, increasing my network (I am kind of introvert when it comes to networking).

For a moment, lets assume that the weaknesses i pointed out cant be supported by any other person and I want to make sure i improvise myself.
Before I even consider doing an MBA, investing time in the preparation, I wanted to know if these are the kind of reasons reasons people pursue MBA?
Am I in the right direction?

Can someone please guide me? I want to know the pros and cons of doing an MBA after 11 years of consulting and 17 months of startup exposure.
Any references to similar stories would be highly helpful. Or any references to which kind of MBA is better if i want to move out of consultancy and concentrate on Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship track.

Please advise. Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.