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Master in Finance Profile Evaluation

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Master in Finance Profile Evaluation

by Fpoef » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:59 am
Dear Admission Consultants,

I would love to get some feedback on my profile for a Master in Finance pre-experience. My stats are as follows:

Age 23 (at moment of applying)
School: Dutch University of Applied Sciences (not well known)
Study Stream: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Control
GPA: 7,17 - 7,33 / 10 (3.1 - 3.25 / 4) - this includes the grades obtained at my exchange semester, and excludes the grade I will receive for my graduation thesis.

Exchange Semester: Studied at a prestigious Chinese university (ranked 4th for its finance program in China)
Study Stream: Finance and Accounting
GPA: 8.45 / 10

Work Experience (chronological order)
- 5 month internship in South-East Asia
Developed a business plan for a Joint Venture with an ivy league university (successful)
- 4 month internship in South-East Asia
Worked as a Capital Markets intern for CBRE
- 6 month internship in China
Worked as an intern for MRM//McCann with clients such as Mastercard, Microsoft, J&J, JP Morgan, Cathay Pacific, etc.)
- 3 month internship in South-East Asia
Investment banking intern in the M&A Department for the country's second largest bank. Participated in: IPO, M&A, Equitization, Research, etc.
- 6 month internship in China (This will start after applications, but will list regardless)
Private Equity / Graduation intern at a private equity fund, will write a thesis based on investment opportunities and participate in daily activities

GMAT: 740
Propaedeutic certificate (awarded to less than 30% of the year)
HSK Level 2 (basic Chinese)

Taught English to underprivileged kids in South-East Asia for a few hours each week.

Languages: Dutch and English (fluent), Chinese (basic)

Target Schools:
Essec Business School
IE Business School
Warwick Business School

I apologize for the amount of information, just thought it'd be better to share more to receive more accurate advice. I would like to thank you in advance for your review.