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Baruch's Zicklin or Fordham's Gabelli for MS marketing?

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Hi all, I know it's already pretty late in the application process but I still can't decide Baruch or Zicklin...

My background:
Canadian university graduated with 3.19 GPA and finance concentration. GMAT 700, doing GMAT one more time in 2 weeks.
I want to do a one-year program that's either an MS in Marketing or MBA with Marketing concentration. Don't wanna go to small cities and so targeted either NYC or Chicago. There isn't really a school in Chicago that meets my needs so I'm looking at 3 in NYC:

Columbia's MS in Marketing
Baruch's MS in Marketing
Fordham's MS in Marketing Intelligence

I know Columbia's a bit of a stretch for my GPA and lack of outstanding achievements, so I'm really deciding between Baruch & Fordham.

I've read about a lot of comments from people on different sides, and most of them argue about other fields like accounting or finance, so I'm still very confused at this point. What I know so far between the 2 schools are listed below.

Networking opportunities: Avg age of B vs Z are 27 vs 25, so Baruch has an advantage there for having more experienced professionals.
Prestige: Baruch is ranked higher than Fordham, but seems like both schools have good reps in NYC? Not sure about outside NYC... I might come back to Canada and if a employer has never heard of either and do a Google search, then Baruch's ranking looks better.
Location: Both are in Manhattan.
Cost: Baruch is way cheaper.
Starting Salary: About the same?
Cohort Size: Not sure about B but F has around 70 which I thought is quiet big of a class.

So that's my dilemma. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! :)


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by Dozie@VeritasPrep » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:45 pm
Living in NYC and hiring in NYC I have seen way more Baruch MBA/MS students in the workforce or interviewing. I'm not sure if that is a result of the career center or the students but Baruch business students are more highly visible than Fordham students in my experience
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