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Profile Review - Top 10?

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Profile Review - Top 10?

by PWittenbach » Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:58 am
I'm attempting to gauge my potential for some of the top MBA programs, and am not too sure where I stand or how my experience will be viewed. Most of my peers have gone through PT programs (although one former peer just completed a FT MBA at HBS, and another is currently at Sloan), but I have my sights set on a FT program to keep potential career transitions in play. I'm prepping to take the GMAT in early 2018 and plan on submitting applications next Fall. Another twist is that I'm recently married, and my wife and I are planning on moving in March 2018 to begin our life together. This will hopefully include another pivot if I'm able to gain admission into a Top 10 FT program. I'm wondering if our move would be a good time to target a different job function that may be more impressive to adcoms. I don't plan on H/S/W being attainable, but am planning on applying as a stretch (why not?) pending my final GMAT score. My target schools are Booth (quantitative reputation, which suits my background) and Kellogg (reputation for having great community and for General Management), but Top 10 is my goal. My extracurriculars are also pretty unimpressive, so I'm looking at options to build those up as well. My current profile is below.

Age: 27, White Male
Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering & Petroleum Engineering (Double Major) at a large (Midwest) state school - 3.4 GPA (Freshman year ended with a sub-3.0 GPA, but managed a 3.7-4.0 through the rest of undergrad)
Work Experience: 4 years with a F500 Oil & Gas company - 2 years in a rotationary training program, 2 years as a Production Engineer managing an onshore unconventional oil play. Potential to target a new job that will enhance my application, if necessary.
Certifications: Professional Engineer (Petroleum Engineering)
GMAT: *720-740 in predictor tests.
Extracurriculars/Hobbies: Recruiting at the engineering school of my alma mater for my employer, CrossFit (competed in a few local team competitions), compete in recreational sports (basketball, flag football, soccer, kickball), and just recently began Toastmasters.
Post-MBA Goal: General Management with a large international energy company. I'm also very interested in a transition to Management Consulting or Product Management. However, I plan on sticking with the General Management route in my apps as I have a clearer image of what that path would entail.

Assuming I'm able to hit my target GMAT, how realistic are my goal schools (Top 10)? Would you recommend a new job function (post move) to enhance my profile?

Thank you!