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Profile Evaluation for ISB

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Profile Evaluation for ISB

by ashmitbhandari23@gmail.co » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:15 am
Could you please evaluate my profile for ISB Early Entry Option?

1. 10th: CGPA 9.8
2. 12th: 91 %
3. B. Tech (ECE): 85%

GMAT: 690

Work Experience: software developer
Duration: 1 year 2 months

Notable Internship: Research Intern at IIM Ahmedabad

Extra Curriculars
1. Student Council Member in High School
2. State Rank 8 and National Rank 98 in International Informatics Olympiad
3. Event Coordinator in College Fests
4. Core Committee member IEEE-CS
5. Diploma in Indian Classical Music
6. Had my own band in college and have won multiple state and national level competitions.
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by AdmitPitch » Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:26 am
Dear Ashmit:

The numbers (GPA, Plus 2 scores, GMAT) are in line with the expectations.

ISB expects you to have a state your clear reasons for an MBA and why now is the good time to pursue. In addition, the reasoning for post MBA goals (Industry, function) needs to be explained to gain the confidence of the admissions committee. You work for a MNC, do spend the next few months to enrich your experience with functional/ technical/people skills. Do list down your extra curricular areas outside of work. This could include engagements as a student, sports, arts, initiatives taken etc.

Do highlight the teamwork and leadership skills you have demonstrated during college, work and outside of work. This would help you to present your soft skills to present the best of you.

If possible, visit the ISB campus to understand the life on Campus, what goes in and outside the classes. Meet students, professors, admissions members to discuss and engage with them, get your doubts clarified.

Get a recommendation from work. Do take the person into confidence to explain your career goals.
Admit Pitch,
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by TaterwaysConsulting » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:00 pm

The key challenge that I see in your profile is the lack of enough spikes. A great GMAT score can potentially change that. Are you attempting it again?

Where did you complete your engineering from? Though extra-curriculars seem good, we need to understand what makes you a stand-out candidate.

Will be happy to brainstrom further. Talk to me at connect@taterways.com
Taterways Admission Consulting

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