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Uploading unofficial GMAT score report - do's and don'ts

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For initial application review, it is known that many schools accept unofficial GMAT scores (which is test taker's copy with all the cancelled score(s), which is/are now not informed to the schools, and the list of schools, for which the score report was requested.

I want to know whether it is ethical and legal to remove, with a help of a PDF editor, the cancelled score information and the list of other schools that I am applying to in the unofficial GMAT score report that I will be uploading for initial review, assuming I will also be sending the official GMAT score from GMAC later, if admitted?

I am asking this because, per the latest GMAC policies, when requested for a score report for a school, GMAC doesn't let the school know of the cancelled score(s) and the list of other schools that the candidate is applying.