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Correspondence a.k.a Distance Learning for Graduation

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Is a correspondence degree for graduation eligible to apply for masters- MS or MBA

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I'm a professional level student of ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and looking forward to complete the course by January 2018.
Apart from that I have also cleared upto Intermediate Level of Chartered Accountancy course in India which requires a compulsory full time articleship of 36 months and hence was able to pursue Bachelor's in Commerce ( Honors) only through a Distance Learning format from School Of Open Learning, Delhi University and scored 4.0/4.0 ie 60% cumulative.

My apprehensions regarding an MS or MBA degree are whether I would be an eligible candidate or not with regards to my correspondence graduation.

Also, would my full time work period of 36 months will be counted as work experience or not ?

Also, if your answer is yes could you actually name a school or get me in touch with someone who has applied with a similar profile?