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Profile Analysis.

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Profile Analysis.

by mohnish311 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:45 am

I would like to get a profile review for top 15 B-Schools in USA.
This is very early as I am planning to apply in 2019, but as you know its never too early.

Bachelors in Technology (Civil Engineering) - 7.48/10 (top 10% of batch) from PDPU (India) (NON-IIT).
GMAT: haven't taken yet but 710-730 is what I'll be able to score from a glimpse of the test I had.

Work Experience:

Internship at IIT-Delhi:
Was working on technical analysis of Rocks from Himalayan Range where the worlds highest railway bridge was being built. The team was reporting to the Prime Minister's technical office. I was leading the team of interns. (By the way all other interns were from IIT)

Axes Studios (India)
2.5 years work experience for BIM firm (construction modeling) - I was consulting Google on emerging technologies in construction modeling and lead a team of 7 (some of them were my seniors). Last position held was Assistant Project Manager. (Note: It wasn't a very big firm but a small company of 40. the main reason working here was that, they had great projects and I was dealing with Google)

Hilti Emirates (UAE)
2 months with Hilti Emirates (7th best place to work in UAE) - It is a construction tools company based out of Liechtenstein. Working as a Field Engineer, where I meet various construction managers and sell products and develop business for Hilti portfolio. (I wish to work for Hilti at least 2 years as I believe this experience would be really helpful to )

Extra Curricular:

President for the Rotaract club of University (best Rotaractor award from the district)
Student ambassador for International center for entrepreneurship and technology
University head for Office of International Relations
Secretary for Institute of Civil Engineers (U.K.) student chapter
Head of Placement Committee
Indian Ambassador for International Rotaract Summit in Belgium
Co founder of NGO which works for under privileged. The donors for the program are from USA, the main reason for this was to keep the Indian residents (living abroad) attached to the roots and not to forget their motherland.
Active member of Rotaract club of Jumeirah, Dubai.

Post MBA goal: Getting into management consulting focusing on infrastructure projects and real estate markets.

Review on: I want to know if my profile is unique or not and does it stand a chance for the H/S/W. Also I am very keen on my analysis for Duke, Cornell and NYU. Should I focus upon schools out of USA?
What else can I do to build a stronger profile?

Note: Want to know the admission consulting options from you and what would be the best time to subscribe them?

Thank you in anticipation.



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by Jon@Admissionado » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:48 am
Dear Mohnish,
Very good to hear from you!
And sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I was on the road for a while there Smile

Anyhow, let's jump into your profile: You have some excellent stuff in there, including your leadership experience of a team of seven (some senior) and your experience abroad. But we do need MORE than that!

I would love to tell you what schools you should aim for, but without an ACTUAL GMAT score it can be pretty tough to predict.

What I can say however is that there are a number of things in your profile that will make Top 10/15 schools very challenging. (And I would not recommend applying to H/S/W). Your profile is good, but it lacks a few things:
- Top GMAT (740+)
- Top school (IIT)
- Top employer
- Extraordinary leadership.
- Low GPA

The competition at the top schools is extremely tough, especially for Indian candidates who are so talented and score so high on their GMATs. And in truth, any ONE of the above weaknesses would be enough to make H/S/W tough. All taken together, and I would suggest you concentrate your research and applications on schools in approximately the 15-30 range.

As for when to sign up for services - well, tbh, the earlier the better!
It costs exactly the same when you sign up early (actually sometimes it is cheaper since we often have "Early-bird" promotions) and you get MORE help! So how could that ever be bad? Smile

Anyhow, why not drop on by our website for a free consultation?
https://admissionado.com/free-consultati ... n=mba_blog


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Reach out, and let's gab. Our only requirement is that you don't prefer warm milk over cold milk. Everyone else, 100% welcome.
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Mostly, email Claudia.

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by IvyGroupeCEO » Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:11 pm
Hi Mohnish,

Thanks for sharing your background, and it's great that you're thinking about business school now! You have some great things going for you - leadership in the workplace and the community and a story where it's very easy to "connect the dots." The competition, however, is very tough for Indian male engineers, and so scoring a 740/750+ on the GMAT will be extremely important. Assuming you can get a score in that range, in my view, you would be competitive in the top 10-25 schools (H/S/W will be very tough, but I never discourage clients from applying to those schools since if you don't take a chance, the answer is already a "no" - it's important though to just properly manage your expectations)!

It's never too early to start - you can see our services here: https://www.ivygroupe.com/work-with-us. Also, please reach out to schedule a free consultation if that would be helpful - I can be reached at info@ivygroupe.com or https://www.ivygroupe.com/contact.

(HBS Grad/MBA Admissions Expert)
Ivy Groupe, Founder/CEO
Boutique MBA Admissions Consulting

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by 99Colleges: MBA Admission » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:08 am
Hi mohnish311,
Few things you can do to strengthen your candidature when you apply in 2019:
1. Get a high GMAT score, 740-750 at least.
2. Excel at your work: high impact, leadership role (not necessarily by dint of position), promotion etc.
3. For interests outside work, focus on 1-2 things and go deep in them.
GMAT score won't get you in on its own at top schools, but a high score will ensure that you aren't filtered out. Most important is the mark you make at work. And, last, execution (in application) is important. Otherwise, strong profile doesn't amount to much.
Anil, MBA (Wharton)| MBA Admissions Consultant
Consulting| Contact at anil@99colleges.com for your queries on MBA Admissions
And if you couldn't make it earlier, get a free ding analysis