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How Schools Detect Plagiarism? How You May Unknowingly Pla..

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In 2010, Penn State detected the most famous case of plagiarism in B-school admissions when they culled out 29 cases for further investigation. Eventually, they dropped 25 of them from the application process, with one after getting admitted.

Since then, few more cases have hit media headlines, but majority of such applications are silently consigned to the dustbin by the schools.

Plagiarism isn't just limited to lifting chunks of paragraphs from another essay. You may land in trouble for copy-pasting just few sentences from the school's website (don't we sometimes like those perfect sentences and words, which seem to have been made just for our essays) or any other published source, including non-web sources. Using content from one of your friend's essays who applied to a different school two years back can also be detected.

Sometimes, plagiarism happens without explicit desire, almost innocuously. And sometimes an unscrupulous editor may land you in trouble.

Learn what steps you can take to not fall to plagiarism and more ...

How B-Schools Detect Plagiarism? And How You May Unknowingly Plagiarise?
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