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Best admission consultant companies?

Free advice from the world's top MBA consultants
This topic has expert replies
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Best admission consultant companies?

by MBA Ivy » Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:20 am
Check out www.MBAIvyLeague.com. Run by a former Harvard admissions interviewer and Harvard grad, we specialize in helping clients get in to the "Top Ten" schools!

*Also, much less expensive than other admission firms if you go with one of our packages!

Looking for help on this year's MBA applications? I'm a former Harvard admissions interviewer and Harvard graduate. Check out my blog for great MBA advice and tips, or contact me for a free consultation today! www.MBAIvyLeague.com

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by Jannicke » Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:32 am
Review for PERSONAL MBA COACH - Scott Edinburgh

When I decided to apply to Bschool, I knew that I needed some extra support. After some research, I found Personal MBA Coach and had a chat with Scott. He was friendly, genuinely interested, and understood where I was coming from and my needs.

Scott was so helpful and open from the beginning and constantly challenged me. He critiqued my essays and references with great detail and endless patience. I have an unconventional background and was very unfamiliar with this kind of process; Scott helped me to pull out the right elements of my background and experience and convey it in the ''Bschool way''.
I had a low GMAT score for the schools I applied to and there's no way I would've gotten into LBS without Personal MBA Coach's continuous support, flexibility, advice and patience. I even got a scholarship from one of the schools I applied to! It was great to work with Scott - fun, interesting, and a great learning experience.

Thank you Scott!

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by akashrungta » Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:38 pm
I took the comprehensive school package with Scott. Since I had already created a shortlist of my schools, we concentrated more on essays/application content and interviews. The overall experience with Scott was excellent! With his help, I got into two of my dream schools (INSEAD + LBS).
I started preparing for applications pretty late (mid August with September timelines). This plus a demanding job meant I was working late in the night on applications and needed someone who could help me finish the applications in such short time with quick turnarounds. Scott exceeded these expectations and was as invested in my applications as I was! There were times when he replied to my mails with edits/quick responses within hours. I would send him content at 3AM in the night and he would respond by the time i woke up in morning and then I would take up the version control from there.
He is excellent at essays. He has a no BS approach to essays and when I compare the first and last version of my essays, I can see a huge difference. He gave direct and honest feedback on my essays and helped me craft my story well. His focus was not on completing the applications, but on making them perfect. This helped me create really amazing essays, resume and overall application.
If I have to compare him to other consultants (based on my initial free consultations and feedback from multiple other friends who used other consultants), I would say Scott is much better, personalized and invested in your applications/success than other consulting companies.
One important thing - Scott is great for essays/applications/interview prep/recommendation letter strategy. However, if you are looking for someone who provides you with a lot of content (e.g. pdfs about schools, resume writing document etc) like other big name consulting companies, you may need to look for someone else. I personally was able to research well using all the free content from the internet. All other things - Scott and I ran the show together!

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by newgreg » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:49 am
I used Personal MBA Coach for this past admissions cycle and it was the best decision I could have made.

Though I was late to the game (1 month from final deadlines) Scott Edinburg and his team at Personal MBA Coach were down for the challenge and jumped right in with me to make the most of my expedited timeframe. I prepared for the GMAT for a month and was only able to take it once but got a 710 (3.7 UG GPA). Working with the Personal MBA Coach team I was able to create succinct and impactful applications that were leagues above what I could have done on my own. I was invited to interview with both of the programs I applied to and, again, Personal MBA Coach was there to set up mock interviews with admissions personnel at top-ranked universities. I was recently accepted into my #1 program choice and could not be happier I chose to work with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team.

I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to pursue their MBA education and is not afraid to jump in head first, follow their lead, and put in the work necessary to make the best application they possibly can.

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personal MBA Coach

by reetikabhardwaj » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:18 pm
I believe Personal MBA coach is the best.
The Personal MBA Coach Team has been instrumental in my MBA admissions journey. They truly made it possible for me to achieve my long term dream of getting admitted to a top business school.
The team's thorough knowledge of the entire application process and guidance on how best to position myself along with various nuances related to each school, The Personal MBA Coach really customized and supported me extensively throughout the MBA process.
I am a non-traditional MBA candidate, with a PhD and a little older than traditional applications that was discouraged by other MBA coaching and advisory services in terms of my aspirations of getting admitted to a full time program. But once I spoke with the The Personal MBA Coach, he provided a lot of support, and helped me build confidence to peruse the effort and defined clearly a working strategy for me specifically.
He and his team are thorough, diligent, pragmatic and realistic. With my profile he was v ery honest about what I need to work on to get to my target and how to go about it.
Unlike other MBA admissions advisory services, The Personal MBA Coach is truly personal and goes the extra mile to provide best in class service, advisory and support through out the process of MBA admissions. They are available and ready to answer any question and very flexible in terms of scheduling.
Scott has a deep understanding of each school and what is needed for them to tailor the application in the best way. Through out the process of working with Scott and the Personal MBA Coach team, I not only got admitted into the Full Time MBA program - at the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business, but also developed key insights about myself, becoming a better writer, interviewee and strategic thinker.
My sincerest thanks to the Personal MBA Coach and team and I strongly recommend working with this team if one truly wants to achieve their MBA goals and dreams.

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by runpmc11 » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:26 pm
When I first applied to business school in 2016, I was rejected by six of the M7 schools. With Scott's guidance in 2018, I was able to secure acceptances from Kellogg, Booth and Sloan and was offered a combined $170K in scholarship money from Kellogg and Booth.

I started the process with the Personal MBA Coach (Scott Edinburgh) after meeting him in late July 2018 after the MBA Tour and listening to his talk about the 10 things that one must do to prepare for applications. He seemed very knowledgeable and mentioned his connections with admissions offices, all while offering insights that I would never find online. I immediately signed up with him and am so glad that I did.

Scott took the time to thoroughly understand my background before laying out our plan of attack. Scott's guidance made me feel very assured and confident in myself throughout the process. He steered me in the right direction on how to prioritize apps and plan out my essays for each school, recommending that I focus on particular topics that would resonate with admissions based on my background and what he knew they would look for. We developed such great chemistry that we would be emailing each other practically every other day for the next two months. We scheduled phone calls to strategize our attack for each school's application. He's also been available at a moment's notice for me to call him with more pressing matters, such as how I should rationalize the factors that went into my decision of deciding the business school this fall. This encapsulates what I have truly enjoyed most about working with Scott -- he is candid in his feedback, available at at a moment's notice, and provides great perspective on the admissions process given his history working with other clients.

If you are considering the investment, I would highly encourage you to sign up with Scott. Working with the founder of a top consulting firm is a huge plus, and I think it would give you the confidence that you'd need to secure placements at top MBA programs.

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by kjb57 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:40 am
I worked with Scott from Personal MBA Coach. He was fantastic and I highly recommend him.

It was a crazy ride from start to finish applying for top MBA programs. It wouldn't have been possible without Scott's assistance. Coming from an engineering background, both undergraduate and career wise, I did not know anyone who went to a full time MBA program let alone a top MBA program. I thought I could handle the process my myself with assistance from friends and family. I soon realized I was in over my head. This caused me to regroup and postpone applying to schools for a year while I found an expert to assist me. I heavily researched lots of different admission consultants including having an initial screening with a handful.

Ultimately, I was looking for a consultant who had a few key qualities: success getting students admitted at the top schools, someone who was as invested in the process as me, and someone who would give me the truth without sugar coating it. Scott checked all these boxes. I felt better knowing that I was working with the owner of the consultant company, which isn't true of some of the bigger consultant companies. This was a big reason why I chose Scott. I was concerned at other admission consultant companies that I would be pawned off to a low-level consultant without much experience.

The entire process was still stressful, but Scott helped me successfully get accepted to 2 top 7 programs and waitlisted at a 3rd. He was great to work with. We started by creating a schedule with milestones to hit as well as an initial brainstorming session. I also already knew what schools I was going to apply to, but he would assist with school selections. We only talked on the phone a few times but that was fine for me. We mostly communicated through email. His response time for emails or questions was normally within a day and around two days for essay revisions. For the most part he was blunt in his responses and opinions. I enjoyed this as I would rather have the truth. This may not work as well for some people who need more emotional support during the process. He also pushed me in my essay writing abilities. As an engineer this was a weak spot for me and he provided a great deal of value with editing abilities.

Overall working with him was a great experience and I would definitely recommend him to others. As the owner of the company I felt that he was as invested in me getting into at least 1 of my target programs as I was. However, a lot of the work is still placed on the applicant and a consultant is only there to assist.

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by varun72 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:24 am
I would highly recommend Scott Edinburgh, founder of PersonalMBACoach.

The short version of my experience working with him: Researched multiple consultants. Chose Scott over all others. Got into Wharton, Columbia, and Ross despite tremendous odds.

The long one: Since I was an Indian (read: one of the largest demographics) male (the most competitive gender) engineer (the hardest degree type to distinguish yourself in, especially when you are Indian), who was also a re-applicant with 8 years of experience, I knew it was going to be very hard to get into my dream school.

I contacted 10+ consultants and spoke to them at length to understand how they operate. Given my background, I knew that I would need someone who will understand my story properly and help me craft a unique story. After talking to a few of the major consulting firms, I realized that I needed a boutique consultant where I could deal with my consultant directly. Amongst all the boutique consultants I spoke with, I had the best connection with Scott. I liked his calm demeanor, the fact that he seemed to know the colleges well, and most importantly that he had worked with many Indians before and knew how to help them.

I realized his value while working with him on my first application itself. After we figured out my story, we exchanged a lot of drafts on bringing out the 'why'. Scott adds detailed notes in each draft and he always responds within 48 hours. The final essays were really really good, even if I say so myself. They made so much sense and compared to the essays I had written myself during the previous application cycle, these were crystal clear. There was a perfect balance - the essays logically and clearly told the adcom what I wanted to do while bringing out the emotional angle to support why I wanted to do it. Moreover, the last aspect which is so important - the interview prep - is the best part about working with him. My mock interviews were super important in making sure that I do well on the day! In fact without them I am confident I would not have been nearly as good.

Lastly, if there is one thing I can say that would convince you of how good Scott is, it is this - When I took the 5 school package with him, I followed his instructions precisely for 3 schools and went with my gut for the other 2. It just so happens that I got into all the 3 where I listened to him and got rejected from the other 2. Now, I could put that down as a remarkable co-incidence but after working with him over 9 months, I am inclined to believe that Scott knows what he is talking about.

I truly believe that he is the reason I am going to Wharton and I recommend if you are looking for a consultant, look no further than Scott.

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Re: Best admission consultant companies?

by cali1992x » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:30 pm
I used Personal MBA Coach to help me with the application process and I highly recommend it to others!

Yes it’s possible to work on your applications yourself and to just ask your friends and family to help edit your essays but why not set yourself up for the best chance by hiring a professional admissions consultant who will help guide you through the entire process?

Like most, I was initially hesitant about hiring a consultant. But after my first introductory call with Scott, I knew I had to work with him. Having been out of school for ~4 years, I was a little rusty with my writing but Scott continued to push me and I was able to write compelling essays for my applications. I also really appreciated the quick turnaround between all of the edits. The mock interviews that Scott helps set up with former MBA interviewers were also extremely helpful and helped me be more confident for my actual interviews.

Out of the 5 schools I applied to, I’ve been accepted into 1 with a decently sized scholarship, waitlisted at another, and I’m waiting to hear back from 2. Obviously hoping for some more good news down the road but it’s nice to have 1 admit so far and I wholeheartedly attribute this success to Scott and Personal MBA Coach!