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Kelley MBA Admission Success - ScholarStrategy

by ajayrk » Sun Mar 29, 2020 11:55 pm
I worked with Nistha Tripathi from Scholar Strategy for my MBA applications. One of my close friends, who worked with her for MS applications, recommended her to me. I had heard a lot about her modus operandi which was very impressive. I was sold to her process of writing SOPs.

She does not spoon-feed anything. She will not write essays for you. Only you know your story well enough. Being a writer herself, she will help you to tell it in the best possible way and make sure you are represented at your best in your application and worth the admissions committee's time. Her process is very methodical. She first has a call for 30-45 minutes to understand your story and guides you on what will work, what aspects can be highlighted in your essays etc. It marks the beginning of your essay writing and editing it rigorously. She always makes sure she goes an extra step to make sure your essay is perfect. Her work ethic and passion for her students' success rubs on you.

Since the tuition fee and application for MBA abroad is expensive, I was very choosy while applying to colleges. I wanted to apply at max 5 colleges. So, I shortlisted 5 colleges. Kelley and ISB in R1. Darden, Duke and Marshall in R2. I received interview calls from ISB, Kelley and Marshall. I got accepted to Kelley with a 50% scholarship. I received a rejection from ISB a few days before my Kelley interview. Although she was on her holidays at that time, she motivated and helped me prepare better for my Kelley interview. It was a game-changer for me.

I highly recommend taking her help to anyone who is looking to apply for MBA/MS programs.

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please help me with this - how do i decide that I apply to which schools in the first round and which ones in the 2nd?

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