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My experience with Laura Freedman

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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My experience with Laura Freedman

by may11july » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:30 pm
The Results: Working with Laura Freedman, an INSEAD alum and MBA admissions consultant from Access Education (www.accesseducation.com), converted my failure to success.

In 2015, with a 770 GMAT, 5 years of good work experience under my belt and a great GPA, I worked with a reputed admissions consultant and applied to 6 US B-Schools. I was devastated by January 2016 when I made it to NONE.

In 2017, I thought of applying again. I worked with 2 reputed admissions consultants including Laura. Although I worked with Laura only for my INSEAD application, I can safely say that the credit for my admission to Kellogg, Booth, Ross and INSEAD goes to her.

Not only did she do an amazing job on the essays and the resume, but I learnt the art of applying from her. After 5-6 sessions with Laura, I was reading my friends' applications and helped 3 of my friends apply to B-schools. They all made it to reputed MBA programs.

After working with 3 MBA admissions consultants, talking to over 10 consultants, submitting 14+ applications over 2 years and reading numerous applications of other students, I believe there is no match to Laura's quality of work.

The Experience: I found a mentor and a friend for life.

Working with Laura was an amazing experience. As much as I was amazed to see my essays and resume transform to "awesomeness", it was fun sharing experiences and talking about our travel experiences. We talked about sky diving, sailing, her graduate and work experiences and what not!

While with some other consultants, editing essays and sending them over and over again seemed like a TASK. With Laura, I looked forward to our calls, all of which were face-to-face over Skype. Laura challenged me to introspect and think. She taught me to write from my heart.

For me, Laura turned out to be much more than a consultant. She is a friend and a mentor for life. I know I can reach out to her for advice at any point of my life.

The Interview Prep

I had done several mock interviews with consultants and alumni before I did a mock with Laura. She completely changed the way I interview. While everyone else was teaching me to "highlight my accomplishments", she taught me to be humble and to BE MYSELF. After a mock with her, I was able to convert an "interview" to a "conversation", which I believe did the trick - so much so that one of the interviewers even invited me for drinks afterward.

Laura used to conduct interview prep sessions at INSEAD. I know that the interview prep I did with Laura is going to be a great resource for my job interviews.

The Fees/Cost

When you see Laura's fees, you might think she charges on the high side. But take a break and check out the prices of other comparable consultants. I honestly believe Laura charges way less than the value she adds, not only to the application but also to YOU.

She will not just get you in a great B-School. She'll enhance your writing skills, which I believe is an amazing skill to have throughout your life. She will teach you interview skills which may help you land a great job in the future. Perhaps most importantly, she'll help you learn about YOU.

I believe the lifetime value of working with Laura is way higher than what I paid for.

The most amazing part

I would say the best thing about working with Laura, is that she DOES NOT change what you intend to say. Unlike with some other consultants, your essays will be TRUE. Believe me, the satisfaction of submitting a TRUE and ethical application and getting an admit is immense.

If you want to reach out to me with more questions, I am always happy to connect and share my experiences. My email id is Mayank.11july@gmail.com