Top Canadian School with GMAT 620: PythaGURUS Consulting

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Wrote this in a hurry. As usual I had a lot more to say but this is what I
could write down for now. 


Thanks to Jatin and thanks to PythaGURUS for helping me get an admit
into a Top tier MBA program with a GMAT.
Having scored a 620 on the GMAT I had lost hope of getting into a top
B school. I spoke to at least 3 different admission consultants before
narrowing down on Jatin. The 3 reasons for choosing Pythagurus 's were:
1) Though we initially had a list of schools that we had decided to target.
Considering my work-exp and academic performance he was open to
me applying to schools outside my score range. He strongly
emphasized on me knowing my story, being self-aware and knowing
how I am unique in what I bring to the table.
2) Jatin is extremely systematic in the way he works. He would never
move to step 2 unless step 1 has been nailed and this is something that
has helped me a lot. Knowing what it is that you want to do and why
that is what you want to do is something that has to be done by the
candidate. But Jatin has the knack of beating it out of you. If you dont
sound convincing and know the domain well enough he is not just going
to move to helping you with the essays.
3) Hunting the sharks (Ivey, Georgia Terry, Irvine):-  "Networking,
Networking, Networking". Take it from me this is not a cliche. Having the
score that I had networking was my only opportunity for me to tell the
admissions committee who I am beyond a hardcore techie who works at
Intel. 250/500 words essays never do complete justice to 7 yrs of work
and 2 academic degrees. Jatin always advises to start your applications
early. He helped me understand how I should be presenting myself and
what I should be asking on networking calls. I think this was another
skill that Jatin has helped me develop and this undoubtedly played a
huge role in my admits. For every school that I applied to I had spoken
to at least 2 current students, 1 alum and the admissions director. This
in turn helped me build "Why I was a perfect fit for the school?"  and get
really conversational in the interviews.

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