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EmLyon admitted for MSc Mangement

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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EmLyon admitted for MSc Mangement

by Jenil » Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:03 am

I am admitted to EmLyon for MIM program 2018 intake in round 2. I am an Indian engineer and a working professional. My CGPA are 3.95/4.00 and GMAT is 660.
I have 18 months of work experience on managerial role managing a team of 22 and projects worth few millions.
I am really reluctant whether I should take the offer of EmLyon. I had been rejected from LBS,ESSEC-Paris and ESCP. EmLyon is offering scholaship of 30% fee wavier for 1st year.
I am confused whether to go for it or apply for Imperial, ESSEC MIF -Singapore and ESADE in round 4. My post MIM goal is to lend into IB or trading firms.

Please provide opinion.