1.17 Crore scholarships Pythagurus reviews MBA Consulting

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Hello Everyone,

Sharing my story with you and my reviews for Pythagurus. I am a bit late in sharing it but doing it because Jatin asked me to because he is really proud of my success and my story and he wants you to read this. I do not visit this forum but if you wish to contact me you can get in touch with pythagurus office and they will connect you with me. In my first year when I was about to join a really low ranked school in Canada, Jatin told me to not spend that money and gift a Skoda Superb to my father if I was really keen to throw money like that. Next year I worked with Jatin and went to a better school in the US and I had 1.17 crores of scholarships. My picture is there on their website too ☺

With a GMAT 740 and rejects from all the US B-schools I applied to, I was heading towards a Canadian b-school for my MBA out of no choice. Disappointed and shattered by the results, My morale was at an all-time low. 3 years back, Pythagurus helped me nail the GMAT and since then I had a good relationship with them. It was the relationship and the confidence I had in Jatin that I decided to call him up for his advice. I am glad that I made that call. It was the one call that changed it all for me.
There were many questions posed to me by my near and dear ones.
"¢ What can a counselor possibly change in just 5-6 months?
"¢ Dude..!! Are you sure investing so much for admissions counseling is a wise decision?
"¢ You already have an offer in hand. What if the results are more or less the same next year?
"¢ How will you get a US MBA in your small budget?
And one question I had for myself - Considering your poor communication skills, Will you be able to tackle the interviews? Jatin will not be there with you during the interviews.
Honestly, I had no answers then but just faith. I had worked with Jatin earlier and I believed in his capabilities.
I thought I am acquainted to the application process and it will not require much efforts from me this time. But when I started working with Jatin, It was altogether a different ball game. The field, The level, the rules - nothing was same. As the process progressed, I started witnessing all the flaws and mistakes I made last time. There came a time when I compared my current application with the last year application and actually started laughing on the blunders I made.
Jatin is not only a mentor for me but in real sense an inspiration. When you see him working, You won't see him running a business or an institution but you will see real passion. A passion towards his work, his commitments and his clients. This passion differentiates Pythagurus from any other institution. He won't let you relax, get lazy, delay things or procrastinate. It will be the most difficult challenge to please him with the content of your drafts. You will be happy with the final versions of your essays and feeling relieved but 3 dayslater, He will come back and say "I am not satisfied. Let us do X/Y/Z and make it even better."
Appreciating, Scolding, Ridiculing - he will take different morphs but will squeeze the best out of you. He will push you out of you comfort zone and make you challenge your limits. I saw myself delivering the output which was beyond my imaginations.
Afraid of the interviews, I was running away from mock interview sessions. He saw this, called me up one fine afternoon and puched me for the next 2-3 hours. I actually needed it to overcome my fear. He kept guiding me and taking up mock interviews sessions until I was confident in my delivery and responses.
After 5 months, I was done with my applications and interviews. Now, I had all the answers.
"¢ What can a counselor possibly change in 5-6 months?

If he is Jatin, A hell lot..!! Not just the applications, He will change your outlook towards the whole process. You will have a better understanding of your goals, the program and the schools. You will know how to network, how to present yourself and you will be better prepared for your MBA.

"¢ Dude..!! Are you sure investing so much for admissions counseling is a wise decision?
Even before the results were out, I knew it was worth every single penny. I learned a lot more working with him which I will preserve and I know will help me a lot during my MBA.
"¢ You already have an offer in hand. What if the results are more or less the same next year?
I have 3 offers from highly reputed US B-schools.
"¢ How will you get a US MBA in your small budget?
I got huge scholarships from all of them even as high as a full ride.
I will be flying to my dream school soon and I will be really grateful to Jatin and Pythagurus for the exceptional job they did.
In the herculean, tedious and spine breaking application process, Jatin is someone you won't find behind you but with you at every step. Guiding, pushing or even carrying you - whatever he has to do, he will do it but will get you there where you want to be.