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Chicago Booth with $$: Admissions Gateway review

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Hi everyone,

I recently gained admission to Chicago Booth with $$ scholarship and wanted to share my experience. Initially,I was not planning on working with a consultant but I was strongly encouraged to do so by several students. I chose Rajdeep Chimni from Admissions Gateway as he had great experience of helping students to the top-10 b-schools.

Two things that really stood out in working with Admissions Gateway
1) Honest and blunt feedback on all work: This helped me get to a polished application much sooner - be it during resume reviews, goal setting, essay reviews
2) Return time: When I had my deadlines closer, the time that AG took to return my work, and spend time during the call was really good.

Admissions Gateway challenged my thought process - all resume bullets, or essay points were challenged. Each point was included only after a discussion that is driven by reason and logic. Rajdeep always made me feel that I could do better, research more, write better, and respond to interview questions better. After the process, there was a satisfaction of putting my best foot forward. Looking back, it was a lot of preparation but was totally worth it. I had multiple admits and look forward to attending Booth.

Some insights I would like to share with applicants:

- Focus a lot on your resume and emphasizing key points: What I believed was my significant work, did not eventually make it to the top of my resume because a) it was too technical for folks to understand, b) it wasn't strategic enough for a non-finance person to understand. Once the resume is built you will have your main professional stories for the essays.
- Goal setting: I did good amount of research on goals and post-MBA roles. Know your goals, know the skills you need and how an MBA will help you
- Do a lot of personal school research. Talk to people with a view to what your will be writing later. Research courses, clubs and experiential programs. Also, know your cultural fit.
- Enjoy the self reflection and the process, and stay positive. This helps one really grow along the way. Good luck to you all.

Good luck,