Average GMAT score? Here’s what you should do

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GMAT – It’s an abbreviation that can strike dread into the hearts of a MBA understudy. Furthermore, all things considered: while your GMAT score is still only one information point for the admissions committee (Adcom) to consider from the entire application , it is certainly one of the most important , as its seen as confirmation of scholastic ability.

A great GMAT score combined with stellar academic scores convince the Adcom , that the applicant will be able to measure up to the academic rigour of the course applied for.

However , if the applicant has a lower than average GMAT combined with an average academic background ,most likely the institution will be cautious in moving ahead .The universities will always prefer students who have a score that fits in within their class

Q – So what’s to be done if your score is average or below ?

A – Attempt it again , Try till you get where you want to be !

The key to this is to analyse the reason for the score , is it really due to poor academics or perhaps more related to other factors like – paucity of study time , quality of study material or the prep course , lack of focus and concentration ( very common in GMAT students )

If you feel that the scores are more related to the kind of prep you have undertaken , you should look for a more qualified faculty and prep material , GMAT prep is best done one on one in a more personal environment .

Another vital factor is the specific portion of the test where you are not scoring well , a sound strategy would be to attack portions the most which are weak and would give the best upside overall . Students from the subcontinent are generally weak in the verbal section , and our advice is always to prep more for it.

So if you feel you can improve, it sure needs another attempt.

You should align your strategy basis your strengths and devise a plan to improve and score better.

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